TRANS*PARENT strives for the empowerment, social justice, promotion of rights and positive social changes for the benefit of trans men, women and genderqueer persons. The organisation was founded in Prague in spring 2015 by a group of trans activists in response to the urgent need to change policies to support the advancement of transgender equality. TRANS*PARENT thus seeks to promote understanding and acceptance of trans persons on both the social and legislative level.


  • Create a space for transgender and queer persons to meet, at the same time providing a platform for activities of other LGBTQI organisations and initiatives
  • Organize support groups and individual psychological, social and legal counselling free of charge
  • Raise awareness regarding transgender issues in the form of discussions, workshops or happenings and by means of an online blog
  • Work with media and the public on creating a positive, realistic and unbiased representation of transgender persons and their life
  • Open up a dialogue on burning topics related to trans issues, organising discussions, events and meetings both within the community and externally
  • Create an active and collaborative community of trans persons regardless of their gender self-identification, supporting trans activism
  • Plan to create work opportunities for transgender persons who struggle to find a job placement due to changing their gender identity


  • We believe that gender diversity should form an integral element of each society and as such deserves to be supported, protected and celebrated
  • We believe in the freedom of self-determination, we are opposed to feticisiation, pathologisation and treatment of transgender identity as a mental disorder
  • We believe that trans persons have the right to enjoy their personal, professional and social life free of violence, stigmatization, discrimination and unequal treatment



A freelance translator, collaborator of Mezipatra QFF and other cultural projects and initiatives of the LGBTQI spectrum. Following his studies in Olomouc and a two year stay in Dublin he moved to Prague. Viktor is currently exploring his trans* identity in a shared queer housing in Berlin’s Neukölln and trying to map out the needs of the Czech trans* community.


Damian is a capable producer, creative mind, trans activist and a blogger from Slovakia now living in Prague. He graduated from the Film and TV School of Charles University and works as an audio-visual artist. He forms a part of the DJ duo Urxins, coordinator of accompanying events at Mezipatra QFF and in his free time writes his blog Pandamian and looks after his cat Kuťubi.


Rad spent ten years living, studying and working in the UK. After a trip around the globe with the Earthcircuit project he returned to the Czech Republic where he works as a writer and a journalist. His background in social work has given him an insight on human and social rights he has been focusing on for over ten years. Rad defies labels in terms of nationality, identity, gender and sexuality.He is currently majoring in Social Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Prague’s Charles University and likes to take out his dog Bandit for a walk around Žižkov.


TRANS*PARENT is open to new members from among transgender persons, boys, girls, genderqueer persons, their families and friends who would like to work with towards the enhancement of the position of transgender persons in the Czech Republic. Our doors are open to all who would like to participate in our activities and develop our project. Become a member of TRANS*PARENT, contact us! -