(This is an English translation of the editorial from the Czech National Geographic's January 2017 issue. We're publishing it for the purposes of this open letter.)

What You Should (Not) Know About People’s Sex

No, we haven’t gone mad while welcoming the new year, even though you may be thinking that. That’s because what you’re holding in your hands is a special issue dedicated to the question of sex identity. The English word “gender” has a rather broader definition in this context, but it can’t be accurately translated into Czech. Otherwise we would have done that – it’s not a nice sounding word.

You may be asking, still somewhat tired after a difficult New Year’s Eve, why are we doing this to you? Why are we, at a point where you’re only guessing what 2017 may bring, presenting to you such an unusual and, for many, completely marginal topic?

Well, that’s because in countries which we’re used to labelling as developed or even the most developed, it’s not such a marginal topic anymore. And there’s a real possibility that this wave will eventually reach us, too. I’m leaving up to you whether its originators are guided by the endeavor to bring good to any and all individuals, regardless of who they feel they are, or whether this gender revolution has different – much darker – motives. I will remind you, however, of the timing: the blurring of the most intimate lines between individual people is happening at a time when the West is dealing with the process of disintegration of traditional family, nation, religion and race.

This issue didn’t come to fruition easily. It contains many terms Czech isn’t currently adequate for. That is why we had to contact a number of Czech experts – just to be able to introduce some of these topics in our intellectual context. You be the judges of our success.

On behalf of the entire staff, I wish you a clear mind and good health!

Tomáš Tureček