Transparent z.s.

TRANS*PARENT strives for the empowerment, social justice, promotion of rights and positive social changes for the benefit of trans men, women and other non-cis persons. The organisation was founded in Prague in spring 2015 by a group of trans activists in response to the urgent need to create a support space and change policies to promote the advancement of transgender equality. TRANS*PARENT thus works towards understanding and acceptance of trans and non-cis persons on both the social and legislative level.


What we belive in.

We believe that gender diversity should form an integral element of each society and as such deserves to be supported, protected and celebrated

We believe in the freedom of self-determination, we are opposed to fetishisation, pathologisation and treatment of transgender identity as a mental disorder

We believe that trans and non-cis persons have the right to enjoy their personal, professional and social life free of violence, stigmatization, discrimination and unequal treatment

What we do.

Create a safe space for transgender and non-cis persons to meet and share experience and mutual support

Organize support groups for adults and teenagers and offer individual psychological, social and legal counselling free of charge

Raise awareness regarding transgender issues in the form of discussions, workshops or happenings and by means of an online blog

Work with media and the public towards creating a positive, realistic and unbiased representation of transgender persons and their life

Open up a dialogue on burning topics related to trans issues, organising discussions, events and meetings both within the community and externally

Create an active and collaborative community of non-cis persons regardless of their self-identification, supporting trans activism

Plan to create work opportunities for transgender persons who struggle to find a job placement due to their identity-related situation


We advocate for a change via...

Involvement in political and governmental discussions as a member of the Czech Sexual Minorities Committee

Individual support, mentoring and peer training for trans and gender nonconforming people

Fostering community forums to forge alliances among trans and gender nonconforming people

Cultural events encouraging dialogue between the trans community and the wider public

Gender sensitivity training for teachers, school administration, students and parents

Curriculum development for trans inclusivity in school settings

Gender sensitivity training in corporate settings

Educating law enforcement and social services about the needs of trans and gender nonconforming people and the importance of monitoring incidents against them

Calling for ethical conduct among mental health and medical professionals serving trans people

Advocating for media accountability on trans issues and offering positive images to the public.

Participation in international meetings, conferences and trainings with other trans and human rights organizations

Support activities

Adults: Weekly support meetings, social and cultural events, public discussions since 2015.

Teens and Young Adults: Monthly supportive and creative workshops since 2016, providing a safe space to discuss relevant issues, learn self-care tactics, build ally networks and have fun!

Children and Families: Monthly support meetings for children ages 6-14 since 2017 with simultaneous parent meetings facilitated by LGBTQIA psychologists and social workers.

For upcoming events including educational and awareness-raising programmes please check out our Calendar of Events - come and meet with us, or don't hesitate to contact to arrange a meeting

We also offer a free counselling service to help trans persons with their transition, and in difficult family, social, and legal circumstances both in Czech and in English - contact us at poradna@transparentprague.cz or at info@transparentprague.cz


What we intend to do

Continue our community outreach: expand our youth and family support groups by providing more frequent support (weekly social meetings, therapeutic services and peer mentoring); diversify the range of activities (LGBTQIA/human rights activism, youth leadership, international alliances, social circus); develop networks of families

Continue mentoring LGBTQIA youth in their creative projects which aim to raise awareness in the Czech Republic (documentary videos, writing, performance, art, etc.)

Travel to areas outside Prague to help establish and mentor local trans support programs

Create employment opportunities for trans people who experience discrimination in job recruitment

Develop a comprehensive e-module training program for gender sensitivity adaptable to a variety of contexts

Offer free legal counseling services for trans and gender nonconforming people

Hold a series of wellness and self-care events for the trans activist community



TRANS*PARENT is open to new members from among transgender, non-cis persons, their families, cis supporters friends who would like to work with towards the enhancement of the position of trans people in the Czech Republic. Our doors are open to all who would like to participate in our activities and develop our project. Become a member of TRANS*PARENT, contact us!  info@transparentprague.cz


TRANS*PARENT is a non-for-profit organisation founded in 2015 in the Czech Republic by a group of trans activists in response to the need to change policies and support the advancement of transgender equality. You can help us on our way to fulfilling our mission by sending small donations. We greatly appreciate your support!

Bank details:

IBAN: CZ1120100000002300941450

You can also spread the word about our work! Share our website, FB and events with everyone you know. Don't be afraid to visit us. Bring your experiences and expertise, join a discussion, hold a seminar, or just drop by! 


Core funding: to cover the work of 6-8 part-time staff

Office space & equipment to establish organization's base operations for a year

Audio and video equipment

Retreat center outside Prague


+420 608 713 537

All of our services are free of charge, performed by a small team of volunteers who tirelessly donate their own time, energy, resources and know-how. We have no operational funding and minimal project funds and donations.


 We need your help!
Thank you ❤ 



Freelance translator and co-worker on QFF Mezipatra and other cultural projects and LGBTQI initiatives



Studies on FF UK and is interested in American culture and politics along with literature of queer woman - both modern, and historical



Filip is a teacher in kindergarten, blogger and a facilitator of our support groups. He loves to work with kids and young people



Facilitator of support groups and groups for parents of trans* kids. Currently a professor in the gymnasium. Mother of five kids, Studies psychoanalytic and a businesswoman in IT technology.




Rad has lived for 10 years in the UK with project Earthcircuit he travelled around the world and now works as publicist and author.



Damian is a production-capable creative trans activist and a blogger from Slovakia that lives in Prague. He studied FAMU and is the professional multimedia producer in Czech Radio.



Political science student, coordinator of Trans*parent's advocacy portfolio. Passionate about emancipatory politics and ugly sweaters.